By: Michael Martino

Your first introduction to CrossFit may have been like most people, traveling down a YouTube rabbit hole and stumbling upon someone super-fit competing and doing something that looks like it would be impossible for the average human. Now that you are knee deep in your CrossFit career you may have contemplated the thought of taking on a competition for yourself. First and foremost, YES you should compete. It is as simple as that. Obviously, most of us will not make it anywhere near the CrossFit games, but every athlete that puts in work at the box on a day to day basis should compete at some point in their CrossFit career.

Do not let the competitive nature scare you, if you have ever pushed yourself to your absolute limits in a WOD then you have the fire to compete inside of you already. Most of us were athletes at some time in our lives; It’s time to get that gameday feeling back. Those pregame butterflies are unrivaled by anything that may happen in your weekday 9-5. Often as adults, we feel that we must retire that side of us, but CrossFit gives us the opportunity to regain the thrill of competition. You may not be the “win-at-all-costs” type of athlete but there is something to be said about putting yourself on the line in a competitive capacity that sparks inspiration. This inspiration is infectious. We are an ever-growing fitness community who look to each other for guidance and inspiration. Perhaps seeing you compete will spark other members of our community to get out of their comfort zone and attempt to do something they never thought possible.

Do you remember the first time you tried to kick up to a handstand? That anxious, maybe nervous feeling right before you left your feet? Now think about how quickly that anxiety was replaced with pure elation and accomplishment when you achieved that handstand. Imagine that feeling amplified to 11…that is what you can expect out of your first CrossFit competition. Apprehension followed by and undeniable sense of pride and accomplishment, and a little bit of soreness.

The number one thing you should expect from your first competition is FUN. Competing immediately bonds like-minded fitness enthusiasts like nothing else. Win or lose we are all part of the same community, and in a CrossFit competition EVERYONE wins.

You give us everything you have in the box every day. Express that fitness in the form of a competition and reward yourself for all of your hard work. Challenge yourself. Get comfortable being uncomfortable. You are good enough, and you will surprise yourself with what you are able to accomplish!