By Arielle Childs

Why is weight training good?  Aka; in case you ever question why you train at BRICK?

Weight training includes numerous benefits; Let’s touch on 3 different aspects.

Physical – Strength training helps maintain and create lean muscle mass that naturally turns to fat and/or decreases with age.  Lifting weight helps to boost your metabolism, which in turn burns more calories, and gives you that desired look you work so hard for!  You will lose more body fat naturally by having a higher resting metabolism.  When you build muscle, you burn more body fat than you would by only performing cardiovascular intensive exercises.  And lastly, you will be physically stronger.  

Did you know?  One pound of fat takes up 18% more space than one pound of muscle?

Mental – Weight training has been proven to be a stress reliever; fitness enthusiasts have lower levels of stress hormones than those who are less fit.  Working out also enhances your cognitive function including things such as; better short and long term memory, improves verbal reasoning, longer attention span, and improved balance.  All of these physical and mental benefits will create a more confident individual, resulting in a human that’s simply better at life! YES!


Life – Lifting weights increase your physical work capacity, it improves your ability to perform activities of your daily life at a  **better rate**.  Weight training increases bone density, resulting in stronger bones, and hopefully a long and healthy life.  On that note, it also helps manage chronic conditions such as arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, as well as others.  And last but not least you will save time; getting a two-for-one, using weights in your circuit training not only strengthens your muscles but also **GIVES** the cardiovascular benefits, thus saving you time, and we all know that time is money.

All in all, working out with weights and getting your butt to move something heavy will give you a much better quality of life.  So keep on keepin’ on friends!