By: Melody Sanchez

Dear newly joined BRICK members,

This blog is for anyone who has joined CrossFit in the last 6 months – yes … YOU. First of all, welcome to the wonderful world of fitness. It takes a very special individual to choose to challenge themselves physically, emotionally, and mentally every single time they walk through those doors so, props to you my friend. You’re definitely on the right track to leading a longer and better quality life.

With that being said… SLOW DOWN! You are brand new! Often times, we see beginners come out of Academy looking to the person next to them and becoming discouraged at the fact that they can’t do what they’re doing. I promise you’re exactly where you ought to be. This is YOUR journey and it will look different than everyone else’s. Your goal is to be virtuous in all your movements. What does that mean? It means getting really good at the stuff that isn’t sexy like your ring rows, push-ups, kettlebell swings, and air squats. Why? These are essentially the foundational movements for all the really cool movements like butterfly pull-ups, handstand push-ups, snatches and/or clean and jerks – the stuff you see other people in class do.

As your coach, we want you to focus on nailing the basics because inevitably if you don’t you WILL plateau. In your first 6-8 months you’ll hit incredible PRs (personal records). You’ll progress fast! And then… it’ll start to get harder to PR. If you have adopted habits that are inefficient, or maybe you just haven’t addressed your tight hips and hamstrings, then expect those numbers to stall and injuries to ensue.

Your coaches have been doing this for awhile and we’ve all seen how people walk through the doors with pre-existing injuries or limitations and we’ve seen how people continue to load up the bar and deadlift without being able to set their back or back squat while collapsing at the bottom putting their knees and midline at risk. Why did they do this? The answer: “Well… everyone else was going heavy…?” So, my advice: be coachable and trust your coach. The first step to becoming fit (and looking good) is to get really good at the basic movements. Remember, form follows function. If you can commit to these small gains, you can expect life-changing results and experiences as time goes on.

Again, congratulations and WELCOME to the wonderful world of CrossFit! You didn’t just choose any gym, you chose BRICK nation. Get excited.