By: Josh McGregor

In gyms today, there seems to be a very unclear idea of expectations for both members and coaching staff to what they expect of each other.  As I have been able to visit many gyms, I have rarely been able to go through an entire class or gym visit without questioning why things were or were not being done.  I believe this comes from a lack of expectations.  Expectations from the staff of the members and also expectations from the members of the staff.  

The organization of setting expectations by a training community for its members will help classes move smoothly, create a great level of respect for the coaches and give the coaches the opportunities to teach and manage classes more efficiently.  Some great coaches that I’ve seen operate constantly demanding the attention of every person in their class to keep them engaged.  This is important for the learning experience of the members and it also sets a level of respect between the athletes and the coach.  I have seen warm ups being skipped, but if you have a coach that demands attention and keeps the athlete committed to partaking, then this creates accountability to participate, hence creating a more unified community.  Lastly, would be to expect members to always use teamwork.  This will help create camaraderie and often times help execute classes with a lot of people in limited spaces.    

When the staff sets clear expectations for the members and athletes, this can help the athletes set a clear set of expectations of their coaches.  One thing that members should expect is for coaches to always be welcoming and accommodating to any special needs or modifications due to injury.  Another important element to expect coaches is to provide 100% attention to the class.  Many times coaches will come into teaching just after finishing a workout five minutes before and that can definitely hinder their ability to communicate clearly, does not look presentable and sets a tone of unprofessionalism.  The final recommendation I will make in what to expect from a coach would be to hold them accountable in keeping everyone safe at all times.  Do not be afraid to ask questions.

These recommendations come from past experiences in traveling to over 100 CrossFit & boutique training gyms over the past 12 years.  At BRICK New York we believe in the philosophy “One Team, One Dream”.  We are constantly working together to create the best member experience for everyone who comes into our facilities.  The biggest strength of our team is that we all hold each other accountable in our expectations for each other.  Just remember these words from a very successful man:  “High expectations are the key to everything”. – Sam Walton