By: Erin McGregor

They say “variety is the spice of life” but in New York City, aren’t we all working to develop some sort of daily routine? We like the feeling of waking up, getting ready, going to work, working out, eating dinner, and then getting ready to do it all over again tomorrow. Before you know it the mystery of the city becomes a wrench in our daily routine, making it hard to “mix it up.”

The same happens with our fitness routine and as most of you know dragging yourself to the gym after a long day of work is hard enough. Once we start coming to the gym regularly, we begin building relationships with people and soon that class becomes the best part of your day. Next, we start buying into the programming. Whether it is a 4 or 6 week cycle, we know that sticking to our routine allows us to progress each day, and each week brings us closer to our goal of getting stronger and/or being more proficient with each movement.

What happens when we take B|Fit each day, for example, but a friend comes to visit and wants to take a B|X class? We step out of our comfort zone confident that we are fit enough to take it on and maybe even feeling over-confident in how easy it may be. By the end of the first run on the TrueForm, however, we are gasping for air and telling ourselves that this is why we never take B|X because we are horrible at running. Our friend leaves town and we go back to our B|Fit routine.

In this example we see someone who has fallen victim to their routine. It is one thing when someone who is trying to progress with pull-ups jumps into CrossFit because it was a gymnastics skill day (which would allow them to work on a weakness under the eye of a coach). It is another thing, however, when he or she neglects that “fitness” is about OVERALL health and wellness, including all aspects of endurance and strength. It is about getting outside your comfort zone as often as you can and continuing to find new ways to challenge yourself.

My favorite way to describe BRICK, in this city of one room boutique fitness studios with little to no variety, is that we offer everything you need all in one place.

You can build both strength and conditioning in our B|FIT and CrossFit classes, challenge your high intensity muscular endurance in B|X, mobilize in B|Mobile or B|Flow and finish it off with some 5K training in Run|Endurance. With the ability to attend each class throughout the week while also continuing to follow a progressive program — are you taking advantage of all this place has to offer?

Additionally, have you ever gone through a class without having a conversation with others around you? New York in general can be an intimidating place let alone going into a class you may already be nervous about. Then add in the apprehension of making sure you are doing the workout correctly, and on top of all of that you have to socialize? Sometimes that is not for everyone, and that is okay! This is why we like to organize community events each month and skill clinics as well. These events are an opportunity to take your worries off the table and allow you to open yourself up to some of the people who you workout alongside each day. Most of the events are relaxed, fun, and don’t even entail any type of fitness, making them a great way for you to try something new and make some friends in the process!

Skill Clinics help you to learn a new skill utilizing more time and space than in class, while also allowing you to get to know the coaches and members as you train something outside of your comfort zone.

Now you’re probably rolling your eyes at this point that the Marketing Director here is telling you about how cool the events are but I started as a member of BRICK in 2013 when I was new to New York City and new to any kind of barbell training. I was looking to make friends and try something new with my fitness and while at first I was super intimidated, I eventually made some incredible friends and found myself working harder than I ever had before in the gym.

I love the community here and believe that it has so much to offer both inside & outside the gym. From a variety of classes to constantly vary your routine and challenge your body to fun events and clinics to keep you learning something new and making new friends along the way — I hope that you have already fallen or are starting to fall in love with this place too! If you’re not taking advantage of everything this place has to offer, I hope you will. I promise you will not regret it!!